Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

The following services are provided:

Hazardous material spill prevention and hazardous waste clean-up.
Pick-up and disposal of hazardous waste.
Provides and maintains Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and safety data on hazardous chemical and biological materials.
Implements hazardous waste minimization (pollution prevention) program.
Recycles waste solvents.
Review storage and containment of hazardous and biological materials.
Assists with lab clean-out
Provides safety clearances for relocating laboratories and equipment.


The following services are provided:

Safety training is necessary for accident and injury prevention and is also required by state and federal regulations. UTEP EH&S offers a wide variety of training programs to help the university community understand general campus safety issues, and recognize the specific hazards within their work or environment.

This list is a portion of training programs we provide:

Biosafety / Bloodborne Pathogens
Chemical Hygiene
Lab Safety
Back/Lifting Safety
Confined Space
Electrical Safety
Emergency Evacuation
Fork Lift/ Powered
Industrial Vehicle Safety
Hazard Communication
Hazardous Waste
Hearing Conservation
Ladders and Scaffolding Safety

Fire and Life Safety

The following services are provided:

Investigation of employee work conditions.
Review of employee injuries and worker compensation claims.
Evaluates and authorizes fire protection equipment/systems as UTEP Fire marshal.
Inspects, tests, and services fire-safety equipment.
Develops/evaluates fire evacuation plans.
Audits fire alarm system maintenance.
Safety and compliance review of new construction and renovation projects.

Industrial Hygiene

Performs ventilation and indoor air pollution surveys.
Monitors for exposure to toxic chemicals.
Checks for and monitors maintenance operations involving asbestos.
Designs specifications and monitors work on UTEP asbestos abatements.
Oversees worker respirator program.
Performs environmental sampling.
Performs noise surveys and other industrial hygiene surveys.
Performs microwave and electromagnetic surveys.

Radiation Safety

Monitors laboratories where radioactive materials are used and stored.
Assists in application for authorization to use radioactive materials.
Administers radiation dosimetry program.
Receipt, inspection, and inter-campus transport of radioactive sources.
Pick-up and disposal of radioactive waste.
Surveys radiation machines and surrounding areas.
Calibrates radiation survey instruments.
Quarterly leak check of sealed sources.
Quantity and decay tracking of UTEP on-campus sources.
Review and authorization of source purchases within limits of the UTEP radioactive materials license.
The UTEP Radiation Safety Manual is the reference for all users of radioactive materials at UTEP. To obtain a copy, call (915) 747-7124 or 747-7188.

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